Roasted Red Pepper and Kalamata Olive Hummus

For the past week, I’ve been demonstrating to my first-year students how to start a blog, upload pictures/videos, etc., so if you’ve been seeing random weird posts, that’s why!

Anyway, we’re up at the cabin for what’s turned about to be a glorious crisp fall weekend, and I’m delighted to be in the kitchen making a feast for this evening. Bid and Paul are going to Hornby Island for the weekend, and they’ll be popping in for dinner on the way over. Usually, J makes one of his fabulous vegetarian feasts, but I wanted to spend the day puttering in the kitchen, so that’s what I’ve done. One of Bid’s favourites is my roasted-red-pepper-and-kalamata-olive hummus, and I had all the ingredients, so I thought I’d whip up a batch.

It really is delicious–it’s a Post-Punk Kitchen recipe: basically, just my regular hummus with a roasted red pepper marinated in balsamic vinegar added and about a quarter cup of kalamata olives. You blend the heck out of up it up to the step where you add the olives. Just pulse the blender a bit when you add them, so your hummus doesn’t turn grey (yuck). It should be a beautiful orangey colour with flecks of black in it:


I’m also making grilled Caesar salads and pizza, which isn’t vegan because, uh, cheese, but is, of course, vegetarian. I have made it vegan for Em, but that won’t be the case tonight.